Tony West, D.O.

Osteopathic Physician


At 360 Osteopathy, we’re committed to treating the whole body with a well-rounded approach. We focus on neuromusculoskeletal medicine (NMM), facilitating the healing process by examining your overall health and the relationship between your central nervous system, muscles and bones. 

Most of our patients feel they have plateaued with healing, despite pursuing other treatments and care. In addition to treating rehabilitation from injury and chronic conditions, we help infants struggling with breastfeeding and latching issues. 

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Services Offered

  • Manual treatments to help with injury and chronic conditions

  • Manual treatment for infants struggling with breastfeeding and latching issues

My target audience is people who are looking for and alternative to the typical care offered. Our treatments are more specific than most physical therapy, chiropractic and massage therapy treatments. My treatments are typically more effective. I help people avoid medication use. I prescribe physical therapy and exercises that are more specific to facilitate the healing process better. The treatments i use also help the integration of the muscle activation and the central nervous system. That is why the specialty is called neuromusculoskeletal medicine. I typically am able to help patients who feel they have plateaued with healing despite other treatments and care. 

I have two distinct specialities with the corresponding Board Certifications. Physical medicine and rehabilitation as well as neuromusculoskeletal medicine. I do a thorough exam and can often find  tight tissue and dysfunctional movement patterns by watching patients move and with palpation. Very few physicians have the skills and knowledge to be able to locate and treat the dysfunctions in the body.

Osteopathy is a set of guiding principles to treat multiple body systems simultaneously. The goal is to remove stress from the body to aid in the healing process.